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Here at Peachtree Carpet Cleaners, we do our utmost best to answer our clients’ questions. We’ve been in the industry for years and understand the proper ways and methods to clean and take care of your carpets. But that’s not all that we specialize in. As one of the most reputable housekeeping experts in and around Georgia, we also are highly skilled when it comes to air ducts, mold remediation, dryer vents, and more. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions that homeowners across Fayetteville and other areas around Georgia are inquiring about. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, feel free to let us know and we’ll promptly provide the solutions you need.

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There is something about an older home that emits charm and warmth. Perhaps it is the thick woodwork or the many other handcrafted details. Unfortunately, years of built up dirt and debris from previous owners may not be so charming. One area where this is particularly noticeable is tiled floors. Often it isn’t even the tile, even if the color or texture of the tile is outdated. Usually it is the porous grout that runs between the tiles, ever-collecting dirt, grease, and grime. If you look closely, you will see that these porous joints resemble mortar joints in between brick. This material has many nooks and crevasses where dirt collects. It could be from years of basic traffic, poor cleaning habits, or wrong cleaning methods. Standard tile cleaning methods only move dirty water around on your floors, pushing more dirt and grime deeper into the grout pores. Peachtree professional tile and grout cleaning technicians use high powered tile and grout cleaning brushes and vacuums that quickly extract the dirty water from your tile and grout. Getting your floors as clean as possible.

However, depending on how long the floors have gone unmaintained, the grout may be stained and a regular grout cleaning may not be enough. If you want to give your tile floors a whole new look, don’t stop with Peachtree professional tile and grout cleaning, ask your Sears Technician about our Grout re-coloring service. Grout re-coloring not only evens out old, stained and discolored grout, but also seals the grout pores for easier, more effective, home cleaning. Choose from our wide selection of grout color seal options to get a grout color seal option that is best for your tile and décor. Grout re-coloring can give your tile and room a whole new look without the costly expense of replacing your tile. Besides, chances are, the tile isn’t even the problem. Call Peachtree Tile & Grout cleaning and re-coloring professionals to learn more about giving your tiled floors a makeover you can’t even imagine.

Quick Facts

  • Carpet can trap harmful allergens
  • Poorly-maintained carpets can result in poor indoor air quality
  • Improper carpet cleaning methods can agitate allergens, releasing them into the air
  • Carpet is more effective for allergen control than hardwood floors
  • The Carpet & Rug Institute awarded Sears Carpet Cleaning process the Platinum Seal of Approval, the highest level of performance for a carpet cleaning system